#tbt: Kelsey

I challenged myself to write a blog post every week, and let me tell you: it's not easy! I don't always have new work to show, or some times the photos I'm working on aren't 100% ready to share within a week. So it's super fun going through old photos and giving them a fresh, new edit. Sometimes I forget the things I've shot in the past, and sometimes I find photos that I overlooked the first time around. 

I shared a few of these photos of Kelsey (from January 2017) on Instagram last year, but when we shot that day I was mainly focused on shooting film. I was working on a project for school about expired film and mostly brought my dslr along just in case the roll of film had gone bad or was completely unusable. 

The photos are super fun though, and so completely different from the film I shot that day!

Expired: Mia

I don't think it's any secret that Mia Jay is one of my fave new models to work with, I mean, one glance I my Instagram and you see her face a thousand times. So who would be better to have my third Expired shoot with!

Mia and I went to four locations across Fredericton, each one with it's own unique look. We had such an amazing day exploring new (to me) parts of the city, including a couple of Mia's secret hideaways. 

Expired is a series I've been working on for a few months now, where I'm shooting on expired 35mm film. I just love film's unpredictability. Now, unlike the last two times (found here & here) I didn't opening up my camera to create intentional light leaks, which was kind of a nice change. 

Here are a few of my favourites from our shoot! Click here to see the full Expired gallery

Model: Mia Hay

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Film has not been my friend lately.

Two weeks ago, I used bad chemicals to process my film so not a single image appeared on my roll. Ever since then, I've been extremely careful not to contaminate or over use the chemicals, but those weren't my problems this time.

I'm using my Holga camera to make double exposure images. Holgas are plastic medium format cameras that can create dreamlike images. They are super easy to use since they only have a few settings to choose from; there are two apertures: sunny and cloudy, and only one shutter speed.

For my double exposures, I wanted to layer photos of flowers over portraits. I bought some colourful flowers and spent yesterday afternoon in the studio with my BFF/model/super talented potter Danika. I was so excited today to process my film and see the results.

Unfortunately, things didn't exactly go as planned.

While attempting my multiple exposures, I accidentally overexposed my entire roll of film! All that was left was a spot that kind of looked like Nova Scotia. Not flowers. Not Danika. Nova Scotia.

Even though my film didn't work out, I did get a couple cool photos while experimenting with the multiple exposure feature on my DSLR. Here they are!