#tbt: Kelsey

I challenged myself to write a blog post every week, and let me tell you: it's not easy! I don't always have new work to show, or some times the photos I'm working on aren't 100% ready to share within a week. So it's super fun going through old photos and giving them a fresh, new edit. Sometimes I forget the things I've shot in the past, and sometimes I find photos that I overlooked the first time around. 

I shared a few of these photos of Kelsey (from January 2017) on Instagram last year, but when we shot that day I was mainly focused on shooting film. I was working on a project for school about expired film and mostly brought my dslr along just in case the roll of film had gone bad or was completely unusable. 

The photos are super fun though, and so completely different from the film I shot that day!

Expired: Mia

I don't think it's any secret that Mia Jay is one of my fave new models to work with, I mean, one glance I my Instagram and you see her face a thousand times. So who would be better to have my third Expired shoot with!

Mia and I went to four locations across Fredericton, each one with it's own unique look. We had such an amazing day exploring new (to me) parts of the city, including a couple of Mia's secret hideaways. 

Expired is a series I've been working on for a few months now, where I'm shooting on expired 35mm film. I just love film's unpredictability. Now, unlike the last two times (found here & here) I didn't opening up my camera to create intentional light leaks, which was kind of a nice change. 

Here are a few of my favourites from our shoot! Click here to see the full Expired gallery

Model: Mia Hay

Expired Film (part ii)

It's official: I'm in LOVE with expired film!

I'm so so so happy with the results from my expired film project! Even though I'm technically finished with my short experiment, I'm absolutely going to continue shooting on expired film. The results I get with this film create truly one of a kind photos that just can't be replicated digitally. 

For my shoot with Mel, I continued experimenting with light leaks which created some incredible colours. Check out my favourite shots! 

Roll #1: expired 2006

How amazing are these light leaks! 

Roll #2: expired '90s

Model: Mel McMichael

Expired Film (part i)

I've been doing some experimenting lately with expired film, and I'm so excited to share my first round of results! I've been wanting to try shooting with expired film for a while now, so I jumped at the opportunity to use it for one of my class projects. 

One of my favourite things about film is its unpredictability; you don't know if you'll get the results you wanted until after you process and print your film. Adding the fact that this film is expired makes it that much more exciting. I was most curious to see if the film's age would alter the colours.

I had accidentally opened the back of my camera, so I thought I was going to lose a few of my photos; instead, the fraction of a second where my film was exposed added amazing light leaks!

 I was thrilled to see that my first attempt was a success!

Behind the scenes on developing day!